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  • Wear Resistant Products

    The Insulcon group has many different abrasion resistant products available; it can be a hard refractory, but also an industrial fabric. Another way to select an abrasion product is the question should it be used in a cold process (linings in a coal fired power station) or in heat process (burner quarrels in power stations and incinerator plants).

    For the cold process we recommend basalt and aluminiumoxide shapes and linings, for most of the heat processes we recommend Silicon Carbide (SiC) shapes and linings. To reflect the relative abrasion resistance of a wear Alumina( 96% aluminiumoxide) versus a standard steel product: (acc. to the dry rubbing abrasion test). Wear Alumina gives a figure of 0,32, standard steel gives 1,26, the Al2O3 product is 4 times more abrasive than steel.

    Another interesting group of wear resistant products are the fabrics, a large variety of products that can be reinforced, sewed, glued etc. Those products can be used in the manufacturing of simple end products like industrial gloves but also in high tech applications such as in glass bending techniques. For all wear resistant applications it is very important to make the correct selection, based on temperature, chemical attack, air velocity, conductivity or insulation value etc.

    One thing is clear, Insulcon can provide you with the right product for your application in any process.