The Insulcon Group

Leader in high temperature solutions - Refractories, Wearflex Expansion Bellows, Refrex and Textile Products

  • About us

    With headquarters and production facilities in the Netherlands (Insulcon B.V.), sales offices and production facilities in Belgium (Keramab N.V.), Germany (Insulcon GmbH) an engineering company in Switzerland (Insulcon Projects SA) and several agents throughout the world, the Insulcon Group has grown into the leading supplier of refractory materials with thermal shock-, chemical and wear resistance and/or high thermal insulation properties for industrial energy savings.

    Insulcon was founded in 1980 and with the experience since then of over 180 dedicated, specialized professionals in heat management, we are confident to be your matching partner; as manufacturer, adviser and trouble shooter.

    The Insulcon Group offers its worldwide customers the highest quality products, service and support and most of the time delivery from stock.

    Building Insulcon BV new
    Insulcon B.V. - The Netherlands
    Keramab N.V. - Belgium
    Gebouw Insulcon GmbH Neuss
    Insulcon GmbH - Germany


    Insulcon timeline

    Click on the image below and navigate with the arrows on the side through the Insulcon timeline from 1980 till 2020.
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