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    Insulcon Projects SA, located in Lugano, offers the following in the refractory industry:


    Proposal engineering

    -Estimations of materials quantity

    -Thermal calculation and materials recommendations as per technical specifications

    -Selection of materials / suppliers / according to budget cost

    -Pre engineering procurement 

    Detailed engineering

    -Refractory lining design

    -2D & 3D design 

    Document handling

    -Material list - installation procedures and technical documents 

    Materials supply

    -Selection of the right material supplier

    -Coordination with the customer quality control department

    -Expediting / shipping procedures

     Project management supervision & installation

    -Assistance and execution of the project 

    Performance feedback

    -Lining check / inspection during operation "Hot Endoscopy"

    -Lining thermal performance feedback

    -Lining check during shut down


    From proposal engineering, 2D and 3D detailed engineering, B.O.M. , material selection upon installation and performance feedback, Insulcon Projects SA is able to offer you a complete turn-key solution.


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