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  • Vitrolux textile products

    In addition to our well known program High Temperature Textile Products, we recently introduced a new textile product to our wide range of products; the Vitrolux® product line. Vitrolux® is a high quality, fine braided E-Glass product line, which has a temperature resistance up to 600°C. Vitrolux®products can be applied in various industries, but are especially suitable and successfully applied in domestic appliances, like burners, chimneys, ovens, cookers, stoves, etc.

    Main characteristics of the products are;

    * Halogen free and Fire proof

    * Inorganic

    * Incombustible

    * Resistant to oils, solvents and most chemicals

    * Very good resilience.

    Our Vitrolux® product line consists out of E-glass sleeves, tadpoles, tapes and ropes in various sizes. Beside the basic product line, which we offer in various dimensions, we are able to add a self-adhesive layer, additional stitching, cord or wire mesh filling and/or black impregnation.