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  • Pipe Supports

    The Insulcon Group manufactures a complete range of insulated pipe supports for the use in for expample the power generation, petrochemical and process industries.

    Our pipe supports provide the complete solution for the critical application of supporting and restraining pipe in high temperature applications up to 1000°C. They are specially designed to anchor, guide, absorb shock and support a specified load in a.o. high pressure steam lines or boiler feed water, where heat loss through the pipe support is not desirable. Beside the HT pipe supports Insulcon offers a wide range of cold supports.

    Insulcon’s pipesupports have the following benefits:

    * Reduces installation cost

    * Helps protect piping systems for CUI (corrosion under insulation)

    * Accommodates heat tracing system

    * Energy conservation

    All our pipe supports are manufactured according to customer specifications in our plant in Steenbergen (The Netherlands)