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  • Infrared scan and Hot Spot Repair in Germany

    Hot Spot Repair - case study

    The emergency repair of damaged refractory lining started with a certified infrared scan procedure, where Insulcon analyzed the hot spot. The hot spot, with temperatures over 500°C, was located around a quick release valve in the outlet area of a rotating kiln.

    Our Insulcon Hot Spot Repair crew injected a specially in-house designed HT injection mould under controlled pressure and viscosity, filling up all cracks and gaps inside the damaged surrounded refractory and insulation lining. After an hour a final infrared scan was taken in order to verify that the whole hot spot area had been filled completely (and changed from a hot spot area into a cold face outer steel area).

    The satisfied customer gave us directly a positive feedback. Do you have a hot spot in your thermal unit? Our Hot Spot Repair crew will eliminate all your hot spot problems. After a first call or e-mail (, our specially trained engineers will act immediately.