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  • Insulation Covers Wearflex® up to 650°C

    The Wearflex® Insulation Covers (WICs) originates from the traditional insulation covers, but it got improved to fit specific needs. That is why the WICs are not stock products, they are made for your specific scenarios. WICs are applied to insulate problem areas such as pipes, valves, pigtails, nozzles, pumps, but also to protect surrounding engine parts against radiation heat from the exhaust system. The design of the WICs is especially made to fit into irregular shapes.

    About Wearflex® Insulation Covers

    The insulation covers are made In our own production facility. These covers are manufactured with high temperature resistant products such as insulation blankets combined with high temperature resistant fabrics. They can be attached with the use of various mounting materials in order to insulate the area up to 650°C.

    We select the right materials to design your product which meet the design requirements. From prototype to serial production, from 1 piece to 500 pieces.


    Designed for your personal situation.
    Easy to apply to irregular shapes.

    Example of industries

    Chemical - Petrochemical
    Energy-Power-Waste Incineration
    Passive fire protection
    Transport / Automotive / Train
    Maritime and Offshore
    Domestic Appliances
    Non-Ferrous Industry
    Ceramic Industry
    Glass industry
    Food (FDA)

    Infrared camera to measure temperature

    The cameras will pick up high temperature areas which require attention. When the areas are identified, WICs can be mounted in high temperature areas.

    Teflon material

    Wearflex® Insulation Covers can be supplied with Teflon coated fabric, this exhibits excellent chemical stability resisting attack from most corrosive agents. In addition, the material is approved by the Food and Drug Administration; (FDA).

    Diesel particle filters (DPF)

    With the emission caps in use, diesel particle filters are becoming more and more common. The diesel particulate matter burns at a temperature above 600°C. WICs are used to insulate your DPF for a proper function, and to protect the surroundings against radiation heat.

    Diesel Particle Filters DPF Wearflex Insulation Covers WICs

    Diesel Particle Filters DPF Wearflex Insulation Covers WICs

    Combustion chambers

    If a ship navigates on Marine Diesel Oil (MDO) it has low levels of sulphur in the oil. For combustion of these oils you need temperatures of around 650°C. To reduce emissions ship engines can be supplied with a Diesel Particle Filter and an exhaust gas purification system or other chemical processes in which flue gasses need to get filtered from nitrogen oxides.