The Insulcon Group

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  • Vacuum Formed Products (Insulvac®)

    Insulvac® vacuum formed products are manufactured by vacuum forming a mixture of refractory fibres, with specially selected binders. This manufacturing method permits considerable freedom to vary shape, thickness, density and hardness.

    Save energy by insulating your complex shapes with our Insulvac® products!

    Insulvac® vacuum formed shapes can be designed to be rigid or can be manufactured into a flexible solution. Both providing exceptional performance-to-weight ratio, low thermal conductivity and resistant to most chemical attacks. Examples of end-products are burner blocks, peepholes, cones, etc.

    As all Insulvac® products are manufactured in our own production facility in Steenbergen (The Netherlands), we are able to engineer and manufacture the best thermal solutions for individual customer challenges.

    There are qualities available up to 1600°C.