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  • Vacuum Formed Products (Insulvac®)

    Insulvac® shapes are high temperature vacuum formed products which are manufactured by mixing specific organic and inorganic binders. The special developed MIXTURES will be transferred through a mould by the vacuum process. The in-house CNC manufacturing permits (considerable) freedom in shape, volume and quality, (i.e. density, hardness, colour) The selected materials allow Insulvac® products to be heat-resistant for temperatures up to 1600°C.

    Key Characteristics

    ✓ High-temperature stability
    ✓ Low thermal conductivity
    ✓ Resistance to thermal shock
    ✓ Lightweight
    ✓ Available as water repellent
    ✓ Resistance to erosion
    ✓ Low shrinkage

    Insulcon - VACUUM FORMED peepholes - vacuumgevormde kijkgaten


    Various formulations qualities are available to cover a wide range of application temperatures and handling characteristics. Insulvac® can be made with three fibres: polycrystalline wool (PCW), non-ceramic fibres (AES) and ceramic fibres (ASW). Post treatment is possible to give increased hardness and remove organics prior to use. Pre-firing can be carried out at either 800°C or 1200°C, this process will preshrink the products, or we can avoid disruption of the production process due to the combustion of organic components.

    The vacuum formed shapes can be designed to be rigid or can be manufactured to be flexible. Both providing exceptional performance-to-weight ratio, and can be resistant to most chemical attacks including corrosive gasses. Examples of end-products are burner blocks, peepholes and cones.

    Testing procedures

    With advanced testing procedures we can test the density, lost on ignition, viscosity, thermal conductivity and perform different rupture tests on samples.

    Examples of application areas

    Domestic and industrial boilers

    Stoves & fireplaces

    Curing oven

    Industrial furnaces

    Molten metal and casting processes

    Insulvac® products are manufactured in our own production facility in Steenbergen (The Netherlands), we are able to engineer and manufacture the best thermal solutions for individual customer challenges. Vacuum formed products can be products to fit complex shapes. That’s why these high temperature products can be used in a variety of industries. Save energy by insulating your complex shapes with our Insulvac® products.