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  • Ultimate Ring Seals (Endless Textile Rings)

    Insulcon’s Ultimate Ring Seals (URS) are uniquely strong endless textile ring seals, that are specially designed for high temperature sealing and insulation.

    The URS have an unprecedented high tensile strength. Also, the URS have a high density and a low compressibility.  These properties can be changed on demand. The URS are particularly suitable for applications where high temperatures, gas tightness, tensile strength and dimensional accuracy are involved.  

    The typical and unique endless construction of the URS does not need glue, stitching  or tapes. Thus avoiding the typical problems (nodules, inaccurate dimensions and weak spots where the ends are merged) seen when using conventional seals.

    URS can be made out of various types of textile yarns: Ecotex® 750 HT (HT-glass) 750°C and E-Glass 550°C.