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  • Fibre ropes and joints

    Keramab® and Ecomab® fibre ropes and joints are sealing products composed of a soft core with an overbraiding (open or closed meshes). Keramab® and Ecomab® fibre ropes are reinforced with glass or metal wire. For those applications where wear resistance is of essence, we can supply our fibre ropes and joints with an heavy duty overbraiding. 

    Our fibre ropes are available in the following qualities:  

    * Keramab® - ceramic fibre (1260°C)

    * Ecomab® - body soluble fibre (1200°C)

    High temperature resistant textile products such as Ecomab® specialty glass fibre rope in a brick refractory.

    The use of a correct thermal sealing between kiln cars has a positive effect on the life span of the wheels and bearings of the kiln car.

      Ecomab CPKEID rope for wagons