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    Refrex® fabric is woven out of threads made out of different rovings. The rovings are assembled out of a specified number of endless Refrex® filaments with a fibre diameter of 10-12 micron. No binders are added only a sizing, a temporarily coating which protects the Refrex® fibres during the weave process. Refrex® 1200 and 1400 filaments and textiles are non-oxidizing, non-hygroscopic, chemically resistant, have a low conductivity and a good abrasion resistance.

    Usage of Refrex®

    Refrex® products can be used as a lining system, as a heatshield to prevent overheating of tube skin surfaces of radiant coils and reformer-tubes and to reduce surface temperature on other furnace internals, as zone divider a hanging, “flexible wall” from the roof of a furnace to split up the furnace in several areas, etc. The flexible material allows it to be made into different shapes and densities which broadens the applications. The material is used in various industries such as: (Petro)chemical, Energy /Power stations/Waste incineration, Ceramic, Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, Domestic appliance, Transport /air/automotive/railway and Aerospace.

    Using the special Refrex® fabric, we manufacture several custom-made Refrex® products:

    Refrex® heatshields
    Refrex® low thermal mass lining systems
    Refrex® mono- and multi tube bellows
    Refrex® zone dividers
    Refrex® manifold covers
    Refrex® textile products
    Refrex® expanchor® linings

    Other applications

    The properties of Refrex® does not stop there. With our state-of-the-art machine park we are able to edit, merge or die-cut different materials together with Reflex®. This enables us to develop suitable products for your needs. Our experts are happy to help you find a solution to your problem area.

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