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    Pyrogel and Cryogel products are flexible blankets designed for low and high temperature applications. The unique properties of very low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, water resistance, good flexibility and easy to use, have made these products essential for those seeking the ultimate in thermal protection.

    Using patented nanotechnology the Super Insulation materials combine a silica gel with reinforcing fibers to deliver superior thermal performance. Pyrogel and Cryogel products are available in several product forms for temperature ranges from cryogenic up to high temperature levels.

    Pyrogel and Cryogel products are available in three temperature ranges:

    -270°C to +95°C - This product is a flexible blanket insulation with an integral vapor barrier for sub-ambient and cryogenic applications. Available thicknes 5 and 10 mm. It has the lowest k-value of any cryogenic insulation material in the world, reducing thicknesses by 50%-75%.

     -40°C to 650°C - This super insulation possesses the lowest thermal conductivity of any known solid. It is one of the most effective high-temperature insulation material in the industrial market, typically 2-5 times thinner than most of the competing products. It is available in 5 mm and 10 mm.

     -60°C to 650°C - This product has been specially formulated to provide exceptional protection against fire. Available thickness 10mm.

    Next to standard rolls these products can be pre-cut according to youre specification and they are also available in easy to handle smaller rolls. They give you all the benefits of Pyrogel XTE in an easy to handle format. Their size makes them easy to carry (approx. 16 kg) and faster to cut on the jobsite. They can be installed by one person which gives you even greater productivity on pipe and fittings.

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