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  • ProMixSealer®

    ProMixSealer® AL and ALX patching compounds are specially designed for the repair of hot and cold launder systems. They are in-house manufactured and are made from high temperature non-ceramic, low bio-persistent fibres. ProMixSealer® is a refractory fibre based mouldable composition for use in direct contact with molten aluminium. This product exhibits excellent adhesion, excellent insulation properties, high strength, low shrinkage and is resistant to the attack by molten aluminium alloys.

    ProMixSealer® products are specially developed to repair and securely bond the refractory launder joint segments. ProMixSealer® has an extremely low thermal shrinkage, in combination with excellent strength and superior non-wetting characteristics.

    ProMixSealer® AL and ALX non-wetting mouldables can be installed and smoothed with plastic gloves, spatulas and trowels. ProMixSealer® AL can also be installed it with a caulking gun either manual or with pressure. The maximum recommended thickness per application is 50,8 mm. The storage temperature should be between 4°C and 32°C.

    Next to the standard packaging (cartridges, 5 kg and 25 kg drums) ProMixSealer® AL is also available in handy sachets of 600 ml to 1500 ml. These sachets can be processed by using a pneumatic pistol.

    ProMixSealer sachetsklein