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  • Isofoam/ Foamfrax lining system

    Isofoam / Foamfrax Insulation is a monolithic insulation system (up to 1250°C). It is a three-component system of specially conditioned bulk ceramic fibre, binder and a foaming agent. The Foamfrax installation process combines the bulk fibre with the binders in a patented mixing mechanism. Within the mixing chamber, the fibres and binders are combined to create a homogeneous foam/fibre mixture.

    The Isofoam / Foamfrax installation machinery propels the mixture through a feed hose and nozzle, the material is gunned onto the target surface and the interlocking network of fibres provides a strong, uniform monolithic structure. The proprietary Isofoam / Foamfrax binder system and patented installation method completely encapsulate the fibres with the foaming binder, significantly reducing airborne fibre levels during installation. 

    The three components foam material doesn’t require curing or drying and the foamed lining may be taken into operation direct after installing is completed

    Have a look at YouTube Kanal: born heater  or walking beam furnace .