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  • Expansion joints and Bellows (Wearflex®)

    Wearflex® expansion joints are flexible connections in air, flue gas pipes and duct systems found in all kinds of industries. The main job of expansion joints is to compensate thermal expansion, and to absorb vibrations. Did you know the Insulcon Group is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of fabric expansion joints? Our Wearflex® Expansion Joints are vital components in most of today's energy and industrial plants such as incinerators, cement factories and steelworks, power plants, petrochemical and chemical plants.

    What are you avoiding with expansion joints?

    - Damages to other processing materials
    - Shutdowns in the production process
    - High volume sounds
    - Prevent leakages
    - Hazards to people and environment

    Example of application areas

    Flue gas cleaning, waste heat boilers, heat recovery boils, heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), waste incinerators, hot dip galvanizing furnace, gas turbines systems, flue gas desulphurization (FGD) systems, exhaust systems and industrial furnaces.

    Types of expansion joints

    We have three different types of expansion joints in our delivery program of We supply three different types of expansion joints


    Fabric expansion joints can be made from fabrics to flue gases processes. Which can also be produced to confirm IMO FTP 3 - A60 standard for fireproof purposes. 
    The expansion joints are tailor-made and therefore they can be made out of different materials to withstand multiple processing applications. Because of the flexible fabric material it is easier to install and to repair. Wearflex® custom-made expansion Joints are individually manufactured in our production facility, using only the highest quality materials and highly skilled people.

    We deliver three types of glued, sewed and heat-sealed fabric expansion joints.
    Wearflex® Q-Flex Expansion Joints
    (for clean flue gasses)
    Wearflex® Q-Chem Expansion Joints
    (for other flue gasses)
    Wearflex® Q-Fire Expansion Bellows

    Expansion Bellow fabric


    Rubber expansion joints can be used to reduce sounds and vibrations. Application in waste water or cooling ducts, generally liquids with or without chemical components.


    Expansion Bellow Rubber


    Metal expansion joints are able to operate at high pressure, high temperatures and can absorb minor movements. Applications are transport of gases and liquids.


    Expansion Bellow metal

    ATEX environment

    We specially designed electrically conductive fabrics, that can be applied in our Wearflex® ATEX expansion joints. These fabrics are tested and certified by an independent organization to be electrical conductive to avoid static electricity during operation. The temperature range of our Wearflex® ATEX expansion joints is 0 - 400°C, with a pressure range of -50m Bar to +150m Bar. We also deliver Wearflex® ATEX rubber expansion joints, which are mainly used in transport pipelines to transport gases, oils, food, cooling and waste water.

    For more information about Wearflex® and Refrex® products, have a look at our Wearflex® website