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  • Expandable felt (Fibercon)

    Fibercon expandable felt 1600: an expansion gap filling for various high temperature applications.

    Insulcon's fibercon expandable felt 1600 is made from high purity polycrystalline alumina fibres, designed for use in applications up to 1600°C.

    Fibercon expandable felt 1600 is lightweight, intumescent and dust free. It is supplied as a flexible sheet, which is easily cut to shape. The fibres are held in compression by an acrylic polymer binder which burns out completely at temperatures in excess of about 400°C and an expansion in its thickness occurs.

    Fibercon expandable felt 1600 is widely used as an expansion gap filling in the construction of industrial furnaces, kilns and in the manufacture of high temperature seals and gaskets.

    Features fibercon expandable felt

    * The highly resilient and flexible Fibercon felt fibres show exceptional recovery after exposure to heat expanding up to 3x the original thickness after removal of the binder.

    * Furnace lining life can be extended and installation of the lining can be made easier using Fibercon’s expansion characteristics. 

    * The use of Fibercon as an installation aid and a durable performance at expansion joints, considerable cost savings to be made.

    * It can also be used in the installation of new refractory linings to overcome the effects of shrinkage in fibre linings and to accommodate expansion in dense refractory installations.