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  • Transport / Automotive / Train

    Wearflex Insulation Cover

    Energy saving, CO2 reduction, emission control and high effiency are key issues in the transport industry.

    Direct customer approach, Engineering, product control, machining, die-cutting and just in time deliveries play an important role in our approach to meet the needs of the transportation and automotive industry.

    Issues like overheating of exhaust systems and particle filtration units, electrical wire and cable tree insulation, heat shielding, potting, exhaust gap filling, can all be solved using one of our specially designed products.

    Due to our in-house production facilities we can manufacture and convert all our products, using computerized die-cutting machinery, according to the customers specifications.

    One of our specialties for the automotive industry are Wearflex® insulation covers for exhaust systems.

    Insulcon is an ISO 9001 & 14001 certified company. Our warehouse facilities offer a just in time logistics.