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  • Prevent high costs and protect your rotating kiln with Wearflex® dynamic seals!

    Our Wearflex® dynamic seals are designed by our engineers to protect the rotating kilns from losing their roundness and pressure. The traditional used seals (carbon rings) wear out on the largest diameter, which in the end causes air ingress because of negative pressure. As a result, the firing process is being disturbed, COx- and NOx-emissions increase and the use of energy rises, with all the costly consequences.DSC01144

    Wearflex® dynamic seals are used when there is relative motion between the mating surfaces and is best described as one where there is motion between a hardware component and the sealing element. In our case on the stationary part of the rotating kiln. The sealing takes place where the wear resistant part of the seal is placed down on the rotating part.

    Many variations of flexible sealing are possible, depending on the specific design of the kiln. The most important factors to consider in dynamic seals designs are temperature, frictional heat and stretch.

    The temperature is a big factor in designing dynamic seals. Based on the temperature, we construct a seal. In this way, each seal is unique and suitable for the application.

    Frictional Heat
    As the generation of frictional heat is unavoidable in rotary sealing applications, it is recommended that the seal is made of components with maximum heat resistance and minimum frictional properties. Internally lubricated joints are generally used for rotary applications.

    In the case of rotary seals, the stretch must be eliminated by designing a shaft diameter no greater than the free state of the seal. Seals for rotary applications must be designed in such a way that they do not stretch over the shaft. When a seal comes under stress and the temperature is increased, it shrinks rather than expands, which increases the heat and further shrinks the seal until an error occurs.

    For more information about Wearflex® and Refrex® products, check our new Wearflex® website