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  • Wearflex® Dynamic Seals

    We design our Wearflex® Dynamic Seals to prevent ambient air from entering the thermal process. Cold air ingress may reduce efficiency of the process and creates unsafe or unstable conditions.

    Traditional seals are stiff and long cylindrical rotating kilns are not always perfectly round. The best solution is a dynamic seal that follows the shape of the rotating kiln, resists the temperature and pressure and remain strong, like our Wearflex® Dynamic Seals.

    The benefits of our Wearflex® Dynamic Seals are:
    - Can be applied to all existing rotary kilns, regardless the manufacturer
    - Better control of your thermal process, which results in better products
    - Less COx and NOx emissions
    - Less fuel consumption

    Our engineers can help you design the best possible Wearflex® Dynamic Seals for your application!