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  • Prevent overheated process tubes with Refrex® Heatshields

    Our Refrex® Heatshields are designed to prevent hot spots on process tubes. The Refrex® fabric is made out of endless high temperature fibers, able to withstand the conditions in petrochemical heaters and furnaces.

    16 Refrex Heathield 01

    Process tubes are designed for a specific pressure and temperature. Process tubes are located in all kind of heaters and furnaces in the petrochemical industry to guide a gas or liquid through the radiant section. The gas or liquid absorbs enough heat to continue the process inside the process tubes. If the process tubes are exposed to too high temperatures, overheating may occur, resulting in hot spots at the process tubes.

    For more information about our Refrex® Heatshields, please check our Wearflex® website or contact us.