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  • Introduction Insulfrax LTX

    With the introduction of INSULFRAX® LTX together with ISOFRAX® 1400, we are now able to supply you with a full range of body soluble products up to 1400°C. INSULFRAX® LTX, the NEXT generation Insulfrax® low biopersistence blankets

    INSULFRAX® LTX blanket is the next generation of body soluble INSULFRAX ® products. INSULFRAX® LTX offers the same benefits as previous INSULFRAX® blankets (INSULFRAX® S and INSULFRAX® LT), now with physical properties enhanced to improve both thermal performance and handling.

    INSULFRAX® LTX blankets are inorganic and binder-free with less dust and have a noticeable improved surface finish. The blanket is easier to handle and cut, resulting in faster installation with less skin irritation and reduced waste of material. Next to this, INSULFRAX® LTX blankets have a high tensile strength.

    The new INSULFRAX®LTX products  enable energy savings as well as material cost savings.

    The enhanced LTX insulation performance helps companies reduce their energy costs and meet increasingly strict carbon emission targets, without the loss of thermal performance. The INSULFRAX® LTX blankets use less mass or blanket thickness than standard AES blankets, freeing up valuable space in furnaces and ovens. You can save money by reducing your lining thickness up to 25%. 

    INSULFRAX® LTX Blanket products have the following outstanding characteristics:

    * Exceptional insulating properties

    * High temperature stability (up to 1200°C)

    * Resistance to thermal shock

    * High tensile strength & resiliency

    * Lightweight

    * Excellent flexibility

    * Good acoustic properties

    ISOFRAX ® 1400 is a body-soluble fiber with a classification temperature of 1400°C. ISOFRAX ® 1400 products exhibit excellent characteristics such as a high melting point (>1500°C), low shrinkage (< 3% at 1400°C) and a low thermal conductivity (high k-value). Due to the high body-solubility of its fibers, INSULFRAX® LTX as well as ISOFRAX® 1400 does not represent any health hazard according to Nota Q (EC) Nr. 1272/2008. Therefore no specific labelling of packaging or specific processing conditions are necessary.