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  • Insulvac vacuum formed products up to 1600°C

    Insulate your complex shapes with our Insulvac® vacuum formed products! - Available in qualities up to 1600°C.

    Are you looking to insulate a complex shape or are you looking for a lighter solution than other insulating products? Let us tell you more about our Insulvac® products.

    Our Insulvac® products are the perfect solution for not only small (e.g. cones), but also large complex shapes (e.g. peepholes). We can design our Insulvac® vacuum formed shapes to be rigid or flexible. Both providing exceptional performance-to-weight ratio, low thermal conductivity and resistance to most chemical attacks.

    Insulvac vauum formed products - Insulcon - Keramab

    Our in-house machining facility located in Steenbergen (The Netherlands) manufactures a wide range of precise finishing Insulvac® vacuum formed shapes by vacuum forming high performance refractory fibres, blended with specially selected organic and inorganic refractory binders to give rigid insulating shapes with exceptional characteristics.

    By making use of this manufacturing method, we are able to create various shapes (peepholes, burner blocks etc.) with freedom to vary shape, different thicknesses, densities and hardness. Further treatment is possible to increase hardness and remove organics prior use. Pre-firing can be carried out between 800°C to 1200°C. 

    Example of applications Insulvac® Vacuum formed products

    - Burner blocks
    - Peepholes
    - Cones
    - Furnaces
    - Boiler boards