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  • High temperature solutions for gas, wood, oil and bio-fuel fired stoves

    As a well known supplier of high temperature solutions in the OEM industry of the domestic appliances, we gained a lot of experience in specific applications. The Gas, wood, oil and bio-fuel fired stove market is one of our focus areas. We have a complete range of products suitable for the specific stove and hearth applications. They are manufactured in our production facilities located in The Netherlands (Insulcon/Steenbergen) and Belgium (Keramab/Temse).

    Due to our production facilities and warehousing capacity, we are able to fullfill a quick and high supply rate to our customers. Let us highlight some of our specialised products.


    Insulcon - HTTP E Glasproducts - hittebestendige textielproducten

    High temperature resistant textile products

    We manufacture a wide range of high temperature resistant textile products (up to 1260°C). As a manufacturer of E-Glass products, we advise our E-Glass knitted rope as a perfect solution for sealing doors of stoves.

    E-Glass knitted rope is a soft resilient product, available in a number of different thicknesses and constructions to provide a comprehensive high temperature range. Our E-Glass products are also available in a black edition and with a self-adhesive mounting strip. As the manufacturing of E-glass products is one of our expertises, we are able to meet every demand.


    Insulcon - Insulputty stove kit - Insulputty kachelkit

    High temperature resistant stove kit

    Insulputty is a fibre free, odourless coating, which is resistant to temperatures up to 1250°C.

    We supply our proven, easy to process Insulputty stove kit, which provides a hard and flame erosion resistant surface! Insulputty stove kits are perfect for mounting or repairing cracks in for example fireplaces, wood burning stoves, etc.  

    Our Insulputty stove kits are available in ready to use squeeze tubes, cartridges, cans and containers. In addition, we can supply our insulputty stove kits as a  private label customised packaging. 

    Insulputty is an Insulcon produced product.


    Imidesign® P hearth liners

    Imidesign® P liners are being manufactured out of Pumicon®, a high quality vermiculite. Tests have proven the excellent strength compared to alternative brands. For small quantities we offer die-cutted parts and for high volumes we offer pressed parts according to your specifications and in line with advice of our engineering staff. Optionally we can offer a RFL (reflective) coating that gives the product more strength and a more sophisticated and modern look.


    blister kachelmailing

    Aftersales products easily packed

    Our OEM quality products are ready to find the end user as an economically blistered product. There will be a point in time, where the installed stove needs a replacement on spareparts as a matter of maintenance.

    Our offer exists of a wide range of blistered service products, like cords in different shapes and diameters, with or without glue included in the packaging. Our blister packaged product line is extremely suitable for private labelling.

     Do you want to know more about our "private label" programm, please fill in the contact form below or send an email to!