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  • Fyrewrap LT Blankets for marine and offshore applications

    FyreWrap LT Blankets are totally inorganic, flexible, high-temperature AES wool insulation blankets specifically designed to provide lightweight passive fire protection for marine & offshore applications.

    Unifrax fibre spinning technology combined with mechanical needling of the fibres eliminates the need for binders in the product. This results in a material with high tensile strength and superior thermal, acoustical and vibration resistance properties.

    Fyrewrap LT Blankets

    FyreWrap LT Blankets provide fire protection insulation for a variety of rated assemblies on marine & offshore structures. Thin, ultra-lightweight systems combined with a flexible product form results in lower installation costs and significant weight savings. This offers builders and owners reduced structure weight, yielding increased vessel speed, fuel savings and available payloads.

    Typical applications: Steel bulkheads and decks Various H-Rated offshore structures 60 minute jet fire pipe and structural member approval.