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  • Fibercon Expandable Felt

    Fibercon Expandable Felt (expands 3x);
    Are you looking for a perfect solution for the filling of expansion joints in areas, which have poor accessibility, such as for instance around burners?

    The perfect solution is Fibercon Expandable Felt for the filling of expansion joints. 

    Because of the fact that the felt expands after being heated, the products are the perfect solution for the filling of expansion joints in, for example industrial furnaces or around burner blocks. Fibercon Expandable Felt compensates the expansion and shrinkage.

    Some advantages Fibercon Expandable Felt:
    • Expands 3 times after being heated;
    • Flexible;
    • Temperature resistant up to 1600°C;
    • No shrinkage, but expansion! (Also at high temperatures).

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