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  • Expansion of the Insulcon Group; new office in Switzerland

    Since the beginning of this year, the Insulcon Group expanded its services by establishing a new refractory lining engineering company in Switzerland; Insulcon Projects SA.

    The expansion of the Insulcon Group with engineering services underlines its strategy of delivering the highest level of refractory services to clients all around the world.

    Insulcon Projects SA, located in Lugano, offers project management, engineering, specific and detailed design of refractory and low thermal mass (LTM) linings applied in all kinds of furnaces and thermal equipment within the refinery and petrochemical industry. If required, supervision and installation at site are available upon request.

    Insulcon Projects S.A. selects refractory materials from primary important manufacturers under their direct control, according to the type of thermal equipment and the specific logistic strategy. From proposal engineering, 2D and 3D detailed engineering, B.O.M. , material selection upon installation and performance feedback, Insulcon Projects S.A. is able to offer you a complete turn-key solution.

    Insulcon Projects SA

    Corso Elvezia 14
    CH 6900 Lugano
    Tel +41(0) 91 911739-0
    Fax: +41(0) 91 911739-9