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  • Are you looking for a flexible, ready to use glass fibre seal?

    Do not look any further! Our GPE and GPE CB Gaskets are custom made ready to use seals, made from a glass fibre based fibre material, with an acrylic latex binder and a specially designed impregnation.

    We manufacture our GPE and GPE CB Gaskets to provide the features required by the respective industries. Particularly in the domestic appliances industry, where the seals are applicable in f.e. stoves, condensing domestic boilers, ovens etc.

    Our GPE and GPE CB Gaskets have a unique combination of the following properties:
    • Minimal Gas Permeability
    • Resistant to condensation (water repellent)
    • Flexible and can be produced according to customers’ specifications
    • High temperature resistant (up to 800°C if used as enclosed seal)
    • Does not create toxic fumes at high temperature exposure
    • Density 250-350 kg/m3 (other densities are available upon request)

    GPE and GPE CB Gaskets are flexible and minimise gas permeability. Unlike other, for instance, silicon impregnated gasket. GPE and GPE CB gaskets maintain all its plastic elastic properties even after high temperature exposure, which makes them suitable for the use in a wide range of applications.

    We manufacture all of our GPE and GPE CB Gaskets in our production facility in Steenbergen (the Netherlands). Ask us for more information about custom-made, die-cutted parts!